ttm shirts maci: Maci Bookout Tattoos Business Name To Her Body And It Inspired A New Product For TTM


As of November 2018, the company also offers accessories, including baseball hats and totes. Bookout and McKinney started their clothing line in 2013 and in 2015, Bookout took over the company. As Teen Mom OG fans have likely seen, the couple is frequently seen sporting their items on their social media pages and providing their audience with links to purchase their pieces. I don’t want people to know I watch TM lol. Because I’m a cheapskate and will not pay that much for a shirt…BUT…clothing prices have gone up lately it seems, and that doesn’t seem too high of a price for a labeled men’s shirt these days.

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Good for them if it’s successful but last I checked the website prices were crazy. Idk if that’s still the case or what the quality is but that’s a bit much, at least for the TTM brand. Stuff was sold out though (don’t know if you can base success off of this alone however). Although Maci and Taylor receive hefty MTV paychecks, the company also seems to be helping them financially. During last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci and Taylor did a photoshoot for the new merchandise that the couple had created for the business. “I don’t know what she tells him about me.


Sizes large and extra large were later added. She doesn’t just gas up her own businesses or penmanship on her Instagram account. She also gives props to her own family, friends, and loved ones.

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Ryan on the other hand will be a mess his whole life. I do usually feel sorry for Larry though, because he seems completely broken in his scenes. Hey, it can happen in the best of families. Jen was a coddling mess, but a lot of patents do that and don’t end up with heroin addicts. Mack gets zero sympathy because she hooked herself to that train deliberately. I feel like they would both work with no problem after this is done.

TTM clothing on Teen Mom OG: What does the ‘TTM’ mean? – Monsters and Critics

TTM clothing on Teen Mom OG: What does the ‘TTM’ mean?.

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Who do these people think they are selling these over priced t-shirts?? Nobody is going to buy that crap….all their shirts look like they unwravel in the wash. On Reddit, it appears that not all Teen Mom OG fans were thrilled about the prices and the sizes offered through TTM. One person noted that at the time they only offered shorts in sizes XS-M and that the prices were too high.

Y’all Maci owns other shirts besides the ugly ttm merch!

InTouch reported that the couple « failed to file the annual report that was due on April 1, 2019 » which meant that their LLC was no longer a legitimate company until they got their paperwork cleared. The last time the couple had to file reinstatement paperwork was back in 2016. At the time, Radar Online reported that TTM Lifestyle, LLC was listed as inactive on Aug. 6, 2016, after they missed another deadline for filing an annual report. They finally filed an application for reinstatement in December 2016 and the company was active again. This new criticism is all about how the company is branding itself. According to a new Instagram post, it sounds like Maci and Taylor are being criticized for calling their company a clothing design business.

In August 2019, TTM Lifestyle was unfortunately dissolved by the state. “The company failed to file the annual report that was due on April 1, 2019,” a clerk toldRadar Onlinein October. « The company failed to file the annual report that was due on April 1, 2019, » a Tennessee Secretary of State clerk told Radar Online on Oct. 10. “The company failed to file the annual report that was due on April 1, 2019,” the clerk told the outlet. “The company failed to file the annual report that was due on April 1, 2019,” the clerk told

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Because of that, their business has been dissolved.Check out the gallery below to get all the details on Maci and Taylor’s company. However, it sounds like the company is going through another set of criticism as the brand is being labeled as a design company rather than a T-shirt company. This is far from the first time that Maci and Taylor have faced criticism over the brand. When they first bought the business and launched the first line of products, Maci and Taylor were criticized for having extremely high prices for what fans were getting. “The company failed to file the annual report that was due on April 1, 2019,” a clerk for the Tennessee Secretary of State told Radar Online. According to the site, TTM Lifestyle, LLC was dissolved on Aug. 6, 2019, and is currently listed as « inactive. »

On August 6 of that year, the business was listed as “inactive” due the missing paperwork. While Bookout and McKinney’s company is currently inactive when it comes to being an LLC, that does not mean that their company can’t actively sell clothing on their website. TTM Lifestyle, the clothing line belonging to Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, has reportedly been dissolved.….Is that really the advertisement Jeremy used to sell his t-shirts? It looks like something he made up in Paint or Print Shop on a 1992 Macintosh. Wait is she trying to act like she has no idea what TTM is? Javi used to wear their shirts all the damn time. Maci is also not alone in the realm of “Teen Mom” business ventures.

  • This didn’t mean that TTM was a defunct company.
  • I might watch again if they were doing mundane things that I was interested in.
  • But I wouldn’t pay a penny for hers, because she just HAS TO add “Farrah Abraham” in there somewhere.
  • Wait is she trying to act like she has no idea what TTM is?
  • As readers know, Maci and Taylor are parents to Jayde, 4, and Maverick, 3.
  • Maci and Taylor have been very protective of their t-shirt business.

ttm shirts maci OG star Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, launched a clothing company several years ago, but the company has reportedly been dissolved. TTM Lifestyle, LLC failed to file an annual report and reinstatement paperwork, according to the state, leading to it being dissolved in August. Bookout started the company in 2013, and McKinney took it over in 2015. According to the outlet, the company is now listed as « inactive » as of Aug. 6.

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood launched online clothing boutique Forever Haute in 2016. She too failed to file her business entity report. The site has been down since earlier this year. The report discusses the company’s management structure, number of members, number of addresses on file and more. An inactive status doesn’t mean they are unable to sell items off the website.

Bookout is also mom to 11-year-old Bentley, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. They wanted a lot of money for a simple T-shirt that probably cost them a fraction to create. Given that their fan base are « Teen Mom OG » viewers, they didn’t have $40 or $50 to spend on a T-shirt.

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Fans of Teen Mom OG also pointed out that it was wrong for Maci to only offer women’s sizes in extra small, small and medium. For a while, she didn’t offer large or extra large sizes to suit the entire Teen Mom OG audience. In addition, fans were not pleased to learn that a single t-shirt or tank top would cost them anywhere between $42 to $46.

So yeah, maybe I wouldn’t watch even if they were doing activities I also enjoyed. If Farrah could get her head out of her butt and stop making everything all about herself, she could sell some of those cute kid shirts — but no one wants “Farrah Abraham” under the design. People spend $30 for kid shirts all the time — I definitely have and would.


Walmart is full of hot pink/leopard girl stuff and I can see their stuff being similar. They have a huge fan base, they’ll probably do well. I actually hope they do, Cate could use a confidence boost.


The decision came after the couple neglected to complete some annual paperwork. The couple are parents to daughter Jayde, 4, and son Maverick, 3. Bookout also shares son Bentley, 10, with ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. At the time, Maci revealed that it was a huge accomplishment for them, as they did it with two kids, two dogs, and two jobs. It would later be revealed to be related to the purchase of TTM.

The clothing line appears to have gone belly-up, just like the relationship. They followMaci Bookout andTaylor McKinney, who got into the T-shirt business several years ago when Taylor purchased the TTM clothing line. Didn’t they even have a TTM cake at their wedding? I’m all for promoting your brand, but Maci does it sooo much, that it becomes annoying. I actually love her style, so I look forward to seeing what other clothing options she has in her closet.

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Like you can’t just get a shirt that says « things that matter » without lifestyle at the end. For some reason the « lifestyle » part at the end is weird to me. On one of the episodes from the current season, Taylor quits his job to focus on TTM full time…

  • Teen Mom OG ‘s season nine aired on January 26th 2021 on MTV.
  • (Natural color’s brown-Black) maybe once I’m fully grey I can live out my blonde dream life.
  • Of course Matt will end up with his paws on that money too, so….

Whether it’s her boys hitting the mats in wrestling tournaments or swinging the bat on the baseball diamond, she’s always gassing up her family. Maci and her hubby — who tied the knot in October 2016 — both often rock their gear while taking to social media. Fans have often praised their ability to use their platform to expand their brand. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

A few years ago, her husband revealed he wanted to own his own t-shirt company and he decided to push for them to purchase a t-shirt company out of California. Because of her Teen Mom OG fame, the t-shirts started selling rather quickly and it quickly became a full-time business for them. Bookout revealed she wanted to step away from the business and let her husband run it for himself. But it sounds like Things That Matter is still going strong, as Maci is now revealing that she actually made it permanent last year. The two are often spotted wearing TTM Lifestyle clothing on social media and on the MTV show. The company sells T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, tanks, shorts, kids clothing, accessories and more.

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